KIOC Cricket Tour to Australia

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After the success of the tour to Sri Lanka KIOC announces Summer Holidays CRICKET TOUR TO AUSTRALIA from 10th to 23rd April 2016.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for our young and up-coming cricketers to play on Australian pitches and to be coached by some top-class Aussie cricketers/coaches.
I also wish to emphasize that the cricket tour not only offers cricket but also a great all-around learning experience. The exposure to different people, lifestyles, dialect, culture, foods & time zones is a great lesson in itself which quite certainly can never be learnt in a class room of even the best educational institute.

Cricketers over 12 years of age holding a valid passport (minimum of 9 months validity essential)

We will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne – two of the biggest & busiest cities of Australia. The trainees will have the opportunity to train at SCG & MCG centers of excellence.
You will agree Australian visa is not very easy and also takes time to process. Therefore, those interested will have to submit passports along with a nominal advance payment. The good news is we have 7 names already confirmed and have requested for airline booking.
Proper itinerary will be shared with the confirmed travelers very soon.

Please feel free to call us on 9008675618 or Jaffer sir on 9845958981 for any clarification

Aussie tour

SCG Panorama View

Sydney harbour bridge


Aussie tour Sydney harbour bridge SCG Panorama View melbourne-cricket-ground 1

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