Power Hitting Training By Julian Wood at KIOC

Power Hitting

Power Hitting Training Camp

England’s T20 & ODI coach, Former cricketer and power hitting specialist coach Julian Wood will be coaching power hitting techniques in the new KIOC premises from 28th Dec to 3th Jan

STUDENTS FROM OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY are also allowed to join!

Julian Wood, an Exclusive Power Hitting Trainer

KIOC always try to ensure the complete satisfaction of every trainee who joins the academy. One of the KIOC’s main aims is to ensure proper sharing of knowledge. And this is the reason KIOC invites many international cricket gurus every year.

This time, Julian Wood who is an exclusive power-hitting trainer visit KIOC. Julian Wood who is England’s National T20 & ODI coach, made his debut at the Hampshire and went on to captain Berkshire for several years. He has founded the Julian Wood Cricket Academy which has produced many greats in the game over the years.

Julian Wood Power Hitting Coach

Cricket Power Hitting Coach, Julian Wood

For the students of KIOC, Julian Wood has a special treat, and it is an excellent opportunity to be coached by an International coach. Julian Wood will be coaching students on the 31st of October, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of November.

The coaching covers all the basics of power-hitting in different modules. In addition to using various media for coaching, speed measurement will also be conducted so that the results can be visible.

Course Timing & Fee Details

There are two types of coaching; One is GROUP COACHING and another one is ONE ON ONE COACHING.

Group Coaching

First Session- On 28 & 29 Dec
Second Session- On 30 & 31 Dec
Third Session- 0n 02 & 03 Jan

Timing- 3:30 to 5:30 PM or 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Fees: Rs. 7000/– per session

One on One Session

The session is in the morning

Fees: ₹10,000/– per session

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Julian will cover the following aspects of POWER HITTING:

  • PowerPoint presentation used before/during the program.
  • Testing of players hand speed, retest at the end of the program.
  • Measurement of players ball exit speed (off the bat).
  • The key to the hitting phenomenon is body awareness.
  • Coaching and understanding the clear separation between batting skills and hitting/placement skills.
  • Create the correct mindset and approach needed, and the whole goal is to hit the ball hard, to maximise the ‘ damage’ that can be caused.

  • Power-hitting uses the sweet spot in your bat to its maximum advantage and establishing the right body awareness and the right mindset. In the era of T20s, ODIs and the IPL where power-hitting is vital for the career of any batsman, this course is a crucial step.

    Please book your slots at the KIOC office as soon as possible before the given date.

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