Shaan Suvarna – A KIOC Trainee


I am proud to be part of KIOC, Thanks to Irfan Sir and his team for providing me with this opportunity.

This summer I have enjoyed my training in KIOC even more, my cricket has improved in every aspect. The warming up and physical training enhanced my fitness level, enabling me to run longer and faster. Also, it adds value to my running rhythm and allows me to bowl quicker.
Playing with fourteen-year-old players. In the nets provided me with an opportunity to face calibre quick and spin bowling attack. Facing those bowlers improved my reaction against fast and footwork against spin bowling.

Last season for me was about learning the basics in cricket as I was only a bowler. This season I am recognized as a batting all-rounder at my school, club and District cricket. This was only possible due to intensive training I had in KIOC last year.

Describing technical skills during one to one is admirable. This has allowed me to learn the small details in-depth, most of these techniques I didn’t know before such as keeping the elbow in front of your wrist when defending the ball.

My bowling action has improved after continuous bowling exercises, attention to details of biomechanics for bowling action via video analysis. This lead to improving front knee locking and knee drive. Now I am feeling confident during the run-up and able to bowl much faster than I was before.

These new techniques were small changes however it makes a huge difference in performance. Thanks once again to Irfan Sir and his team for providing such skills and experience.
Looking forward to performing better in my upcoming Sri Lanka tour and indoor season.

Shaan Suvarna

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