Sports Injury Class at KIOC

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When you get hurt. . .

Sports Injuries are a part and parcel of every athlete’s life. And today, a whole team of doctors, physiotherapists, coaches, psychologists and a lot more nuts and bolts have been fitted onto the vehicle of Sports Injury recovery. But what is appalling is the small and vague amount of knowledge athletes, including cricketers, have about their injuries. All the research, progress and development in the field of Sports Injuries goes to waste if we do not understand the working of the human body, the injuries and the recovery process an athlete has to go through.

As a starting step, KIOC is conducting a short class on various sports injuries, especially those pertaining to the cricketer. The class which will be held on Saturday, 13th of May, 2017, from 5:00 pm, at the assembly hall, will be conducted by Mr Hyder and Ms Priya, the physiotherapist and psychologist at KIOC respectively. The class will not only cover FAQs on sports injuries, but also cover what happens next, what can be expected, and the mental and social aspects of different injuries. Please do make good use of this class. It will be helpful for you, your friend, now and later.

To note: The class is open for all cricketers aged, 14 and above. Parents are also invited generously.

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