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cricket coaches at KIOC

Excellent opportunity to join Bangalore’s elite cricket coaching team!

We are looking for passionate and energetic cricket coaches who have experience in cricket coaching

About KIOC

Karnataka Institute of Cricket(KIOC) is the Bangalore’s finest cricket coaching academy. KIOC is the only cricket coaching centre that operates throughout the year. For the benefit of trainees, KIOC operates five sessions a day. In reality, there is activity all through the day as many senior state cricketers utilise the facility for specific training. One-to-One coaching is conducted during the period between the morning and evening sessions & again after the evening session under flood lights.


K I O C also handles School cricket coaching. Presently, KIOC coaches Cambridge Public School, Mount Carmel College, Oasis International School, New Baldwins Residential School, Bangalore Military School, National Junior School and Bangalore International school in Bangalore and Lawrance School and Laidlaw Memorial School in Ooty.

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